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The pressure transducer contains a minimum of components: the sensor element, one signal conditioning, ASIC and a power stage. The ASIC is a precision CMOS circuit with EPROM data storage utilizing an analog signal path with the extended temperature range for industrial and automotive applications. The electronic sensor calibration is performed by use of an in house designed test and calibration system which utilizes state of the art, electronic trimming technology and A/D converter controlled amplifiers based on switch capacitor technology.

The stainless steel pressure port resists unfriendly media such as air, oil, diesel, fuel, waste water and other unfriendly liquids. Quality is strictly controlled according to ISO 9001 quality guidelines.

Sensor Type:
Measuring Principle:
Pressure Range:
Over Pressure:
Burst pressure:
Protection Class:
Supply Voltage:
End Connection:
Gauge and/or Absolute
0.1 bar … 6000 bar
4-20mA, 0-10V DC, Ratio Metric, etc.
1.5 X
2 X
IP 65
12 ~ 36V DC
G1/4″ (M) (others on customer’s request)
a, Hydraulic Controls
b, Pump and Compressors
c, Pneumatic Controls
d, Industrial Robots
e, Off-road Vehicles
f, Process Controls
h, Water Management
i, Petrochemicals