Haris Sensor Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

Paddle Wheel Sensor & Flow Meter

HARIS flow measurement system, takes of all your flow measurement and monitoring system needs with maximum efficiency. the system comprises of a paddle wheel sensor, Digital flow meter and sensor installation fittings.


The most commonly employed measurement principle is to measure the liquid’s velocity and the pipe area Flow rate = Velocity x Area.

The HARIS paddle wheel flow sensor, works on this simple but accurate principle. Four blades spin past a sensor in the housing body. As the fluid flow causes the rotor to rotate, a signal is produced proportional to the flow rate. The design of the rotor ensures a linear repeatable output upto a flow velocity of 7 m/sec with an accuracy of ± 0.06 m/s.

The signal is fed to the fully digital, user programmable Flow meter for a digital display of flow rate. & totalized flow. The PDLC 4080B can be used for batching applications. HARIS Flow meter allow field Calibration of sensor for achieving maximum accuracy. Advanced digital damping filter with users settable time factor ensure steady readings in pulsating flow conditions. In the event of power failure the non volatile memory retain its configuration and fertilizer data.

The RS 232 communication for PC interface is a standard feature in all HARIS Flow meter. Combined with a powerful data logging software this option provides a cost effective data logging solution.