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• 0.05%FS accuracy, satisfying high accuracy pressure gathering demand
• RS485 communication, or 4~20mAcurrent output for optional
• Anti-electromagnetism and anti-radio-frequency interference technology
• Signal entire isolation technology, against thunder stroke technology
• Super power source management technique, battery life for 2-3 years

DPG9 precise digital pressure gauge is an intelligent digital gauge with high measuring accuracy and good long term stability. This product can be made with 4-20mA output and RS485 communication function simultaneously if request. It can communicate with computer directly by coordinating communication software to realize data preservation, processing and output report. Its power supply is built-in lithium battery with service life 2 – 3 years, even the outer power is off, and it can also gather the pressure data stably (communication function failed).

DPG9 has axial, radial direction and plate attire structure optional. This product is suitable for pressure calibration of pressure (differential pressure) transmitters , vernier pressure gauge, ordinary pressure gauge, sphygmomanometer etc.