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Features :

• Double screen, clear and easy to read.
• The screen display 5 digit real-time pressure.
• The second screen can display the maximum, minimum, peak value, ambient temperature.
• Graphical pressure percentage and battery capacity display.
• Exceed pressure alert – to avoid destroying caused by over load pressure.
• White backlight is used for checking at night.
• 10 kinds of selectable engineering units: MPa, kPa, Pa, bar, psi, mmH2O, mH2O, tor, atm, kgf and NO (NO meaning is no unit selected.)
• Acquisition rate 30sec per time to 100times per sec optional, widely applied.
• Auto power-off will prolong battery life

DPG8 series digital pressure gauge is made with entire electronic structure, and uses battery as power supply. This gauge is very easy for field installation. DPG8 digital pressure gauge adopts high accuracy piezoresistive pressure sensor, which is located in the front end of DPG8. The output signal of the pressure sensor is processed and amplified by high accuracy and low temperature coefficient amplifier, and then transferred to A/D switch to transform digital signal which can be processed by microprocessor. After processing operation, the pressure gauge will demonstrates the actual value of the pressure by LCD indicator.

The use of DPG8 intelligent pressure gauge is flexible, and its operation is very simple, and the adjustment of this gauge is easy, safe and reliable. DPG8 intelligent pressure gauge is widely used in such industries as water and electricity, running water, petroleum, chemical, and machinery, for the measurement and demonstration of fluid medium’s pressure.